Use these forms to collect Laudato Si Pledges in your parish and community. Tips on promoting the Laudato Si Pledge and outreach resources can be found in our Laudato Si Toolkit.


Pledge sign-up form for multiple signatures
This is the best form to use to collect pledges in your parish and community. Feel free to adapt the form with your logo.



Individual Pledge card
You can use this pledge card to ask an individual to sign. For instance you may want to pass these cards out during mass and then collect them at the end of the service.



Pledge card for an organization
Invite local organizations, religious institutions, and schools to sign the pledge. Have a representative take a picture with the signed form and send it to us!



Pledge card for a parish
Get your parish to sign the pledge. Then have the pastor or a representative of the parish take a picture with the signed form and share it with us!



Have pledges to send?
Congratulations on collecting Laudato Si Pledges. You have 2 options to send them to us:


1. ENCODE AND EMAIL: If you have the time, encode the information you collected into the forms below and then send excel document via email to [email protected] 

2. JUST EMAIL: If you just want to send us the forms, scan (or take a picture of the form) and email this directly to [email protected] 


Thank you for your work!